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Martyn is from Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.


He describes his music as a mix of folk rock with traditional celtic influences. Most of his songs encompass a true to life lyric about lost love, growing up in Ireland, working as a fisherman, travelling, the environment etc.


“ His alternative folk music maintains a wonderfully distinct musical presence, one that is a treat to listen to.”

(Heath Andrews, Music Critic 106VIC Radio, New York.)


Martyn is a well travelled musician, having spent considerable time, learning his trade across Ireland, Europe, the USA and the UK, playing an eclectic mix of venues, ranging from theatres and bars to festivals.


In 2013 Martyn Travis released the critically acclaimed album “Survivin’”.


“With ‘Survivin’, Martyn Travis has created an Irish Folk record that stands out from the crowd.”

(Americana UK, the home of Americana, alt-country and alt-folk.)


Many of Martyn’s songs have been recorded by other artists  and he truly believes:


 “As a songwriter, the highest honour has to be when someone takes time to learn one of your songs and particularly when they go and record it and put in on an album.”

“ Martyn Travis writes with the skill and subtlety of a great short story writer. The result is truth illuminated by a light only he can shine. His song ‘Father and a Son’, is devastatingly good.”  Buddy Mondlock, Nashville Singer/Songwriter


As a 4 year old, I can remember straining to hear Ewan MacColl’s “Shoals of Herring” through the walls of a wooden chalet that my parents were renting. My Father was a Fisherman and later my Mother joined him at Sea. The song resonated strongly with the two of them and they played it over and over. Looking back that song captured the essence of what my life was to become, one filled with music, boats and fishing.

I became a fisherman at the age of 14 and wrote my first song at 15, a love song that only a teenager could write! At 17, I wrote “The Man from Tralee” and to this day it is one of my most requested songs. A true story that captures a part of my life, as a young fisherman. It recounts the common story of tragedy at sea. Fishing is a way of life and aspects of it are revisited time and time again in my song writing.

What’s important to me is  real life experience, snapshots of life that can be encapsulated in a song. It’s all about music, people, love, lost love, loss, work, strong women, fishing, connection….I could go on…

I followed my dream, to write and perform my songs. I left Ireland and spent several years, based in Amsterdam, treading the boards in Holland, Belgium, Germany and the USA, playing folk clubs, festivals and small theatres. I recorded a few CD’s along the way and feel blessed that many of my songs have been recorded by other artists. It really is the highest honour when someone takes the time to learn one of your songs and particularly when they go and record it and put it on an album.

Now I find myself back in Ireland, fishing, writing, recording and gigging. What an amazing balance and life!!

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